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  • Keith Gregson

2020 Update

Hi, everybody. You will have realised by now that this blog is no longer active but it still has historical uses. If interested in the history of most of the sports in Sunderland, please trawl through the blogs and contact me via the e-mail address given on my web site - This blog is now effectively a history of the most important events and historical activities connected with what is now Ashbrooke Sports Club ( Sunderland RFC, CC, Hockey, Tennis and Bowling Club and Sunderland Strollers) - a history which dates with certainty to the 1830s.

I continue to work very closely with the RFU and to contribute to the World Rugby Museum blog on a regular basis. You can find these blogs at

A number of club related blogs are due to go up on the World Rugby Museum site in Autumn in the lead up to the 150th anniversary of the founding of the RFU - a founding which has strong links to our own Sunderland RFC. The club's archive is a rare and wonderful thing and contains at least two pictures of general historical importance - see April 4 and July 29 2019 blogs.

Get in touch if interested!

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As a result of the low numbers of readers over the last couple of blogs, the weekly blog is stopping and the site is returning to being simply a historical record of what was once known as Sunderland

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