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KG's Friday Blog 03 March

We've always been a crazy lot at Ashbrooke. Here is a wonderful Edwardian photograph of a mixed sports day at the club. Take a careful look and you will see a member of the Burn family wearing a couple of the 'boots' belonging to the horse used in the upkeep of the ground! The club still has one of them. As promised last week I am using this week's blog to share what has all ready been done with reference to the heritage of all the sports which have had connections to our unique multi-sport club. Below you will find around 40 blogs covering squash, bowls, tennis, hockey, athletics, association football, rugby and cricket. It would help me with future blogs if there were feedback on some of these. I note that two at least ( one cricket and one general) have returned over 300 hits so far. As noted before also I am trialing this weekly blog for a month with the hope that at least 20 people will visit it during each week. Less and frankly it isn't worth the effort! Naturally with the 150th of the rugby section coming up and the amazing discovery of a complete Victorian club kit, rugby's heritage is to the forefront but this is not to the exclusion of other sports. Please let me know if there is a particular area of 'other sports' or general Ashbrooke history you would like following up. A heritage evening with access to the archives is planned for early summer. If you are unaware of the kit story go to the RFU's own site -

And for more on another side of your archivist!

Please feed back on any of this


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