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FRIDAY UPDATE With the rugby club approaching its 150th and the wider club looking to its heritage to secure its future I will try to produce a weekly history and heritage blog - provided the number of followers justifies it! There is going to be an illustrated booklet celebrating the 150th of the rugby club with the working title 'Recently Formed Mainly Among Yourselves' and it will be published later this year. All the research and most of the writing up has been done and the booklet will cover all the games of the first (1873/4) season, biographies of all those who played, a special section on Alfred Hudson and his recently discovered kit ( which we now think may go back to the 1870s) plus a recently discovered effort to play under floodlights weeks after the introduction of the electric light bulb in 1878. I will soon have all the written and pictorial material and an idea of the kind of booklet I want to produce. If anyone has the expertise in producing such a booklet or financing it, please get in touch via the comments section. Also anyone who can help me get the best out of this heritage site. Next week I will point to some of the exisiting blogs which may be of interest. KG

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