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From the Bowls Boards (2/3)

See the previous blog for the background to this blog which concerns -

Thomas Reginald Sewell (SCFC/FWW 194). He was born in Crossdoney Cavan, Ireland and had his birth registered in Cavan during the 2nd quarter of 1885. His father, a Cumbrian by birth, was a civil engineer and moved around a great deal. In 1891, the family was in Lambeth. In 1901, Thomas was at school in Wellingborough and by 1910, had followed his father into the same career and was working at Fulwell Quarries and Lime Works in Sunderland. While he was a club member just before the war, he gave his address as Highcroft, Whitburn – the same address as on his civil engineering registration. He resigned in 1915 but must have re-joined later as his name appears on the boards in the bowls’ pavilion. He served in the newly formed local branch of the Royal Field Artillery, training at Houghton Hall and entering the Western Front on 10th January 1916. He received his commission in the Wearside Brigade on the same day as three other club members and was later promoted to lieutenant. He was awarded two service medals which he picked up in 1921 from his Whitburn address. He was also awarded the Military Cross. He was promoted to lieutenant and gazetted out of the force in 1919. He died in 1968. The Echo noted that he was ‘chairman of Williamson’s lime works’. There is a photograph of him online on the Ancestry website. His name also appears on a passenger list leaving Jamaica in 1938. His wartime record can be consulted at the National Archives at Kew - reference WO 339/26466

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