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Ashbrooke Sports Club has long been the home of sport in Sunderland. Set in the Victorian suburb of Ashbrooke the club is just five minutes’ walk from the city centre and has housed numerous sports clubs since it opened its doors in 1887.


The Club is currently home to bowls, cricket, hockey, rugby, running, squash, table-tennis (to start shortly) To find out more about these sports visit Our Sports.

Our purpose is:

COMMUNITY - we want Ashbrooke Sports Club to be a major part of both sporting and local life in Sunderland.

DEVELOPMENT - we will offer a positive coaching environment, which encourages members to develop to their maximum potential

OPEN - Ashbrooke is open.  Open to everybody, regardless of age, disability, gender, race or religion.  Open to all, regardless of your standard in your chosen sport.

SOCIAL - enjoy your chosen sport, but create relationships that last a lifetime.


Alongside the Sports we have two bars. We also play host to :


We hold many regular social gatherings so if you are looking for a great venue for a family christening, wedding or memorial for a dearly departed loved one, look no further. Please refer to our Ditchburn Room for details.

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