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Good News For Girls' And Women's Rugby

It was good to read a club communication which suggested that Girls' Rugby on a Monday evening had really taken off. With a number of younger girls already involved on Sunday mornings and the prospect of the 2025 Women's World Cup launch in the city, this is all good news. Time to reflect then on what a 'Sunday Morning Girl' from Durham County can achieve if she really takes to the sport. The attached picture is of a Mini Cup Final at Houghton between Sunderland and Westoe in the mid 1990s. The picture was taken by my wife Barbara. Carrying the ball is Luke Robinson, son of legendary Dr Feelgood/Animals/Alligators singer Rob Kane/Robinson. Following him up for Sunderland seems to be Richard Jordan who sadly lost his life in a road accident. The blonde youngster in the background is none other than Paul Gregson - current (injured!) 1st XV flanker and England Fire Service international. And the determined Westoe girl? This is Katy Daley McLean - captain of England's World Cup Winning Side in 2014, Olympian, MBE and currently, among other things, a TV commentator. Certainly one for the scrapbook!

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