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Your Club, Your Heritage

Updated: May 31, 2019

Today marks the 132nd anniversary of Ashbrooke Sports Club. We asked for your connections to the club to mark the occasion, here are the responses we got:

Jos Booker

"My father Alec Coxon was brought from Yorkshire to be the cricket professional in 1951. I have countless wonderful memories of our days at Ashbrooke both on the field and off. Milburn's cakes with cricket teas were wonderful.

Benefit matches with SAFC players seem to stick in my memory."

Durham v West Indies in the 1950's

The archivists response - Alec remains a club legend and famed for his coaching methods which produced some of the cricket club's most successful cricketers.

The gentleman waving in this photo is Alec, could the young baby be our correspondent?

David Haynes

"My Grandparents lived there. He was William Thompson and was the head Groundsman.

We stayed there every Christmas in the 1950s, and I have photos of him doing the white lines which i used to help him with. I also have a photo of my brother with a cricket bat by the pavilion, and my mum and sister playing tennis there."

The archivists response - The photographs of the groundsman at work are pure gold. We have written records in this area but few if any photographs.


A piece of more modern history, Cuthy's has become a hugely popular annual fixture at the club. It is run by the family of Nathan Cuthbertson, who was tragically killed aged just 19 in Afghanistan in June 2008.

The event raises money for a host of good causes and is immensely popular with the local community, containing live music, children's entertainment and parachute demonstrations.

This years event is on Sunday (June 2nd). Visit the events section of the website for more details.

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