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As things start to look up at Ashbrooke I will attempt to reinvigorate the Our Heritage Site. Below is a list of all the articles I have already put on the site. You can access them simply by scrolling through the site to the appropriate date ( or by clicking on the link). If you are not familiar with Ashbrooke or the site I suggest you look at the first two before looking at others. If there is a positive response ( a regular 30 or more 'subscribers' on a regular basis) I may well return to producing further articles. I have only scratched the surface so far. This is an important year for the club's rugby section/Sunderland (Rugby) Football Club and it would be nice to use this site for articles over the season if there is an interest. A separate post will inform on the material you will be able to find on SRFC on the World Rugby Museum site. Meanwhile here are the 40 articles already online on this site;

04 April 2019 - Welcome To Our Archives!

08 April 2019 A Rugby Round-Up

07 June 2019 - Who's for Tennis?


06 September 2019- A HERITAGE OF ATHLETICS

27 September 2019- Look Out For The Programme!

07 October 2019- Oh Brother!

The song is from the 1890s - nothing changes!

Keith Gregson -

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